Ningboballs neocube specifications

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A Ningboball is a strong magnetic sphere with two poles – one of which attracts, while the other repels. This is a natural phenomenon. This effect can be demonstrated using only two spheres. It only becomes a true puzzle once you put many Ningboballs together and start forming shapes.

Countless options!

A standard Ningboballs set comprises 216 spheres and the first shape you can create is a 6 × 6 × 6 cube. It goes without saying that there are countless combinations and permutations. There are already lots of video clips and photos available showing some of the most beautiful and complex shapes that can be made. Take a look on YouTube and of course on our website. Look under TV. Many shapes can be created with just one standard Ningboballs set, but with more sets there are many more options to construct larger and more complex shapes.

Ningboballs splitcard for neocubes

Free divider

The magnetic spheres are so powerful that it is sometimes handy to use a divider to split the rows of spheres apart. Particularly handy... which is why it's supplied free of charge with your order!

Ningboballs technology and quality

Neodymium is the most important material for the Ningboballs neocube

The strongest magnets in the world are made of neodymium. Neodymium alloy (NdFeB) magnets can hold loads one thousand times heavier than their own weight. Neodymium ore is mined in China. It is particularly difficult to extract this element from its ore, but once the process is complete, it looks like this.

Ningboballs are made from NdFeB alloy. And yes, in Ningbo, a city and region in China. There are also varying grades of neodymium magnets, e.g. N35‑grade magnets like the ones we use.

We discovered that the force of attraction has to be strong enough to keep all the spheres together when using a lot of spheres.

On the other hand, the magnet force must not be too high, otherwise it is impossible to separate the spheres from one another. Anyway, we don’t want to get too technical about all of this. In short, Ningboballs have found the perfect balance for the purpose for which you are buying them. You'll notice this immediately once you start using them.

Important... 3 protective coatings!

A Ningboball has three protective coatings – a nickel, a copper and a second nickel coating. Below you can see what nickel and copper look like.

Three protective coatings of nickel, cupper and again nickel

The colour is applied once the spheres have been coated. It is a long process that guarantees a high-quality, colour-fast finish. Not everyone succeeds in achieving this. Once the Ningboball is finished, it measures approximately 5 mm in diameter. Sometimes a little more or a little less. They are also available in far smaller diameters, but these do not work as well. Far larger spheres also exist, but these are very expensive. We recommend a diameter of 5 mm.

A Ningboball is exactly 5mm


It goes without saying that a sphere measuring 5 mm is a small item and is unsuitable as a play object for children under the age of fourteen. Ningboballs are not intended as toys for small children. Please read the safety warnings on the product packaging and on this website.

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Have fun!

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