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Where do Ningboballs come from?

Ningboballs neocubes come from the region/city of Ningbo in China. Ningbo is situated south of Shanghai. Ningbo is also known as the Magnet City of the World because so many magnets are made there.

What is neodymium?

Neodymium is a chemical element that is extracted from monazite and bastnäsite ores and has properties that make the material ideal as magnets. Magnetized neodymium can hold a weight one thousand times its own weight.

What are NdFeB magnets?

NdFeB is the strongest permanent magnetic alloy on earth. The alloy – consisting of two neodymium (Nd) atoms, fourteen iron (Fe) atoms and one boron (B) atom – was first produced in 1982. NdFeB magnets have replaced numerous other types of magnetic materials that were once used for countless industrial applications and consumer products. NdFeB magnets can hold a load up to one thousand times its own weight.

Can the spheres' magnetic strength deteriorate?

The magnetic strength can deteriorate in extreme heat or when subjected to shock. Do not let the magnetic spheres overheat, do not leave them in direct sun or drop them on the floor. Magnets cannot be remagnetized. A magnet loses no more than a few percent of its strength over a human lifetime. Hence, you should not notice any deterioration in their strength.

Why do spheres have a coating?

A coating acts as a protective layer. We apply three coats to the spheres – a nickel, a copper and a second nickel coating. Coatings are not harmful to health. If you have a nickel allergy, then you must be careful.

Are Ningboballs colour-fast?

We make every effort to supply colour-fast spheres. Colour variations may be visible when light shines on the spheres due to the shiny nickel surface on which colours are applied. In daylight, you always see a beautiful, even colouration. Ningboballs always become greasy with use, which can cause oxidation and a duller appearance. Ningboballs can be polished using a cotton cloth.

Do all magnetic spheres have the same properties?

Millions of Ningboballs are produced, all with the same properties. Manufacturing rejects can sometimes occur during the industrial process.

Why are there price differences?

Ningboballs vary in price because of differences in the cost price of the various colours.

Does Ningboballs extend a warranty on its products?

Millions of Ningboballs are produced, all with the same properties. Manufacturing rejects can sometimes occur during the industrial process. Generally speaking, a reject sphere can be replaced from a spare set that can be ordered along with your first order. We inspect every product very carefully before dispatching them to you, but should a set of 216 spheres be faulty, then we will of course replace them immediately with a new set. Please complete the return form if you wish to return a product.


Why are Ningboballs unsuitable for small children?

Magnetic spheres are 5 mm in diameter. These are extremely small, too small for children under the age of fourteen. Please read the safety warning on the packaging and on the website.

Is neodymium harmful to health?

There have been no known cases that would indicate that normal usage of neodymium is harmful to health. Moreover, the neodymium is encased inside three protective coatings. If a sphere is severely damaged, replace it and remove the damaged sphere from the set.

Can Ningboballs cause an allergic reaction?

No, we have never received any complaints and we are not aware of any such possibility. We use nickel coatings in minimal quantities. People with a nickel allergy could in theory react allergically. If so, please stop using the product.

Are the colourings harmful to health?

The answer to this question is an unequivocal NO!

What happens if someone swallows one or more spheres?

Ingested spheres can cause severe internal injuries. Especially when multiple spheres are ingested separately. Their magnetic force of attraction can damage internal organs if they are attracted to one another. Consult a physician immediately if a magnetic sphere is ingested.


Where can I find example photos and clips?

You can find a lot of film clips on YouTube showing what is possible with 216, more or fewer spheres. But watch Ningboballs TV on this website to find out what else is possible. The tricks and shapes possible are limitless!

Why won't the magnetic spheres do what I want them to do?

There's a reason why it's called a puzzle! There's a knack to working with the spheres. Put your brains to work! Take a look at the clips. Did you know that twisting strips or parts of a chain can reverse their polarity. Sometimes, the best advice is to start over and make a new chain.

Can I make anything with 216 magnetic spheres?

You can create a lot of shapes and compositions with 216 magnetic spheres. Infinite combinations and permutations in fact. It's even more fun and more complicated if you use more magnetic spheres.

Is Ningboballs interested in receiving photos and clips?

Yes! We're really curious about what you've created with Ningboballs neocube. If we think your creation is particularly original, then we will post your photos and clips to the website –with your permission of course and mentioning your name if you so wish.


Why sign up?

It's always possible to remain anonymous, but creating an account has many benefits, e.g. faster payment and order history. Creating an account is also useful if you want to return a product later and need to report this using a return form.

Will I receive an order confirmation?

Yes, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail once your order has been placed. It also contains our telephone number and all our contact details so that you can contact us if you have any questions.

Can I track and trace my order?

When you place an order and the package is wider than the opening in your mailbox, the order will be delivered by GLS. You will receive a Track & Trace code. If you order small items, you will not receive a Track & Trace.

How can I make it known that my order has been incorrectly processed?

Comments, suggestions and complaints can be submitted using the contact form. We generally respond within 24 hours.

Can I return the product?

You can indeed return the product. Please refer to the General Terms & Conditions on our website. Costs for return shipments are payable by you unless the wrong product or a damaged product was shipped. We will refund the purchase amount to your bank account within thirty days of receipt of the return shipment. You will find a return form on our website under 'Infodesk'. Please complete and return this form to us. You need to have already created an account to make use of this option. Once we have received this form, we will inform you about how to proceed with the return shipment. If you ordered anonymously, then please contact us using the contact form or call us by phone.

Can I order as many as I want?

Yes, of course you may order multiple sets of Ningboballs simultaneously. This is no problem, we keep adequate stock levels. We do however set a limit for orders of more than €400 due to shipping costs. If you want to order more than €400 worth of goods, then please contact us using the contact form.

Does Ningboballs also sell bags?

You probably mean bags to keep your Ningboballs in? No, we don't sell bags. It might sound like a good idea, but experience has taught us that you'll never actually use the bag. A waste of money therefore! Put them in your pocket... then you can always play with them! Always store Ningboballs out of reach of small children.

Can I order spare spheres?

Yes, we deliver sets of eight magnetic spheres.


Does the price include shipping?

The retail price and the shipping costs are itemized separately on your invoice. The final amount that you pay therefore includes shipping.

How can I pay?

We provide several secure payment methods for product purchases.

When do I get my money back for a return?

We will refund the purchase amount to your bank account within thirty days of receipt of the return shipment.


Which shipping company does Ningboballs use?

Most shipments within Europe are carried out by PostNL. Small orders that fit through your mailbox will be carried out bij PostNL.

Can I have orders delivered to another address?

Yes, you can.

What are the shipping costs?

That depends on the weight of your package. See the information about payment and shipping at the top of this page.

When will my order be delivered?

See page 'Payment & Shipment'. Is your order not delivered in time? Please contact us by using the contact form you will find under ‘Infodesk’.
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