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Top-Quality NeoCubes

High-grade N35 NdFeB magnets. Three conductive coatings. Magnetic remanence: 5,200 gauss (G).

Millions of combinations – Hours of fun

With Ningboballs, you can create and construct virtually anything imaginable! It's a puzzle with millions of combinations providing hours of fun over and over again. At least, that's if your friends or relatives haven't got a hold of your Ningboballs!

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Ningbo Balls' Instructional Video

Ningbo Balls has made over 120 instructional videos showing what is possible using these magnetic spheres. Amazing tutorials!

Frequently asked questions

What is a neocube?

A neocube is a cube made up of individual magnetic spheres that have an enormous force of attraction. Most neocubes on sale are made up of 216 magnetic spheres measuring approximately 5 mm in diameter. Neocubes originate from China and are manufactured in Ningbo a.k.a. the Magnet city of the world. Read more about Ningboballs Original. The one >>